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Understanding biofilm

What is a biofilm ?

  • biofilm

    A biofilm is a source of constant contamination created by an accumulation of bacteria who develop a protective matrix made of organic polymers (EPS) polysaccharides, proteins, DNA, lipids, etc.

  • Biofilms have a protective matrix that protects bacteria, making them more resistant to traditional cleaning and disinfection agents.

Some facts about biofilms

  • 80% of the microbial biomass on our planet are biofilm
  • Microorganisms from biofilm are 10 to 1000 times more resistant to antimicrobial agents or biocids
  • 60% of foodborne illnesses are caused by biofilms
  • 8 hours is enough to develop a biofilm
  • If a microorganism is found in the environment, there is 70% chance of it getting into the food

Which microorganisms can be found into a biofilm ?

BacteriaSome slime producers who build biofilm matrix :

•  Listeria monocytogenes
•  Bacillus cereus & mycoïdes
•  Salmonella spp.
•  Campylobacter spp
•  Pseudomonas aerothermophilus
•  Leuconostoc spp.
•  Cronobacter spp (Enterobacter sakazakii)

Some who benefit from the protective matrix :

  • Other (pathogens) microorganisms
  • Phages
  • Spoiling enzymes
  • Spores, molds & yeasts

Biofilm growth cycle

Biofilm is a constant source of contamination due to the unpredictable release of microorganisms and organic polymers.biofilm growth process contamination

Symptoms of potential biofilm contamination

  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Defective batches
  • Shelf-life reduction
  • Product recall
  • Instable micro trends
  • Recurrent non-conformity
  • Production capacity reduction
  • Off-flavors, off-notes, organoleptic issues
  • Positive stress test
  • Market returns & complaints
  • Finished Good Losses (FGL)
  • Metagenetics : appearance of abundant (dominant) species

Adverse effects of biofilm

  • food poisoning bacteriaSanitary risks
  • Economic losses
  • Reduction in quality of final products
  • Reduction of productivity
  • Bacterial resistance to disinfectants
  • Surface corrosion

Realco has become the world leader in biofilm prevention.

After 2 years of research, the “Biofilm Expert” project has been published in the Swiss journal “Frontiers”, one of the most distinguished scientific journals in the field of microbiology.

The study analyzed the impact of various cleaning protocols, such as regular enzymatic cleaning, on the quality and, thus, the shelf life of food products. It compared the results of a cleaning protocol based on traditional chemistry with those of enzymatic treatments at different frequencies.

Rigorous sampling has allowed us to scientifically prove that the elimination of biofilms on surfaces and the tools used during the production process enhances the quality of food products and extends their shelf life.

Read the press release, the scientific article, the summary, the infography and the webinar.

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