• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Hygiene audit

A complete hygiene audit…
…for controlled cleaning of your installations!

REALCO offers a Hygiene Audit that aims to identify potentially critical equipment and confirm or rule out the presence of contamination in the installation. REALCO casts an unbiased eye over the methods and hygiene protocols used.

This complete hygiene audit offers:

1) 6 sampling methods/analysis of 10 points (critical areas)

1. ATP test
The ATP test estimates the quantity of organic residue and the microbial flora.


2. Dipslides

A dipslide is a plastic slide covered in a nutrient agar. It is applied to the surface to be tested.
= Trace of microbial contamination.

Larmes dipslides

3. Detecting the bacteria that form a biofilm (SLYM-BART®)
This method aims to detect the presence of microorganisms that are capable of forming biofilms.




4. Turbidity in SLYM-BART® tubes
Quantified in terms of Nephelometric Turbidity Units, turbidity depends on the extent of growth of the bacteria that form the biofilm.

5. OTHER Observations of SLYM-BART® tubes
Observation of SLYM-BART® tubes under UV light reveals a contamination via Pseudomonas sp. fluorescens (classic germs found in biofilm contaminations). Other observations can also be made.

This tool is used to measure the performance of cleaning teams. This patented technology colours poorly cleaned areas blue, so that organisations can ensure effective cleaning everywhere.

Echelle de bleu

2) and a constructive look at the protocols implemented.