• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Shelf Life

Biotechnology extends the shelf life of food !

In agro-food, industrial companies can never escape non-conforming or faulty production batches. Food quality is very closely linked to hygiene of the tools of production which can effect the bacteriological level of production of a product.


At each stage of production, the quality of food products can be deteriorated by production tools with which these products are in contact. Effective management of the hygiene of production installations is therefore paramount to keep total control of the bacteriological state of those installations and guarantee an optimum shelf life of food products.

Enzymatic range combined FOR an optimum level of hygiene and one extension of shelf life

Nevertheless, it is possible to detect contaminated areas associated with a biofilm on open surfaces and in closed circuits. While conventional methods do not enable any detection of biofilms, REALCO has developed and patented a method to show the presence of a biofilm: The Biofilm Detection Kit.

To combat biofilms, REALCO has developed a range of products made up of a specific cocktail of enzymes: The BIOREM range. This enzymatic cocktail directly hydrolyses the organic matrix of the biofilm (EPS*), liberating the bacteria from their protective envelope. The disinfectant solution can also act fully on bacteria and ensure optimum hygiene of production installations.

As a complement to biofilm treatment, enzymatic detergence solutions clean in-depth and eliminate stubborn residues not controlled by conventional cleaning. This increased detergence performance slows down the reappearance of the biofilm and allows preventative treatment action against the biofilm to be spaced out.

Increase shelf life of products due to an optimum level of hygiene

This combined enzymatic program allows irreproachable quality standards to be reached and for a level of hygiene to be reached which cannot be achieved with conventional cleaning solutions, thus increasing shelf life (see graph A) and quality (food safety) of finished products (see graph B).

Shelf life Realco enzyme

Shelf life enzyme Realco quality

This range represents numerous advantages for industrial companies:

  • Restoring or extending the shelf life of products;
  • Avoiding the destruction of non-conforming batches;
  • Maintaining performance of the tools of production;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Providing industrial companies with non-corrosive hygiene solutions;
  • Keeping a good brand image.


Or guaranteeing the quality and shelf life of products !


* ExoPolySaccharides: polymeric conglomerates essentially made up of proteins, polysaccharides, glycoproteins and nucleic acids.