• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Membrane filtration

Enzyme cleaning increases profitability of membrane installations!

Membrane filtration, a complex area

The area of membrane filtration requires particular attention given its complexity and the high cost of filters. The loss of efficacy may occur rapidly as a result of clogging, causing the production rate to slow down. Moreover, products that are too corrosive may break down the membranes and reduce their lifetime.
A precise schedule and suitable cleaning solutions will increase the flow and productivity.

Perform+ : A complete, unique, high performance program!

  • Increased production rate
  • Extend the lifetime of membranes
  • Specific to each industry

ow can the productivity of the installation be increased? A 2-phase program:

1. The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT (patented technology) provides a precise diagnosis of the membrane installation. A simple and unique system evaluating the organic or inorganic fouling
or the presence of biofilm

  • Identify the nature of residues which may reduce the efficacy of equipment
  • Determine the cleaning process to be applied


2. Recommendations according to the diagnostic and suited to the complexity of the installation:

ENZY+ classic: all-in-one enzymatic solutions that are high performance, simple to use and cost-effective. Enzy+ classic is suitable for a less problematic installation in terms of clogging.

ENZY+ Silver: all-in-one solutions for multiple enzymes. ENZY+ SILVER has been developed for more complex installations, in other words, with a higher risk of clogging (input more prone to clogging and high volumetric concentration factor (VCF)).

ENZY+ Gold: concentrated solutions of multiple enzymes for a specific use. ENZY+ GOLD provides solutions for very complex installations which have very frequent losses in yield (input very clogging and very high VCF).

Detection and Treatment of Biofilm Contaminations

The 2 phases of the PERFORM+ range also incorporate biofilm detection and treatment:

1.Biofilm detection

The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT evaluates the presence of a biofilm in the installation. It demonstrates, locates and quantifies contamination:

  • Measurement of concentrations in ATP
  • Detection of the presence of bacteria that can form a biofilm (SLYM BART™)
  • Interpretation of bacteriological results

2.Biofilm treatment

To achieve optimum hygiene level of installations, Realco recommends a range of products providing curative and preventive treatments of biofilms. The enzyme-based detergent will optimally clean and prepare the surfaces for application of a disinfectant/sanitizer (biocide). The bacteria/micro-organisms will then be killed during the disinfection stage of the biofilm treatment process. As a result, the combination of our cleaning solution with an EPA-registered sanitizer will fully remove a biofilm contamination.

Perform+: +30% productivity

Comparison of production flow rates and pressures in filtration units: traditional cleaning vs. PERFORM+

A) Productivity results after TRADITIONAL cleaning

The membranes start to clog rapidly, causing a drop in the production rate. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the pressure to maintain a certain level of productivity.
The production level had dropped by almost 25% compared to the initial production rate.

B) Productivity results after cleaning with PERFOM+

Thanks to PERFORM+, the initial production rates are maintained without increasing pressure. The production flow rate is more constant, which increases productivity by 30%!

Productivity graph filtration