• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Membrane filtration

Enzyme cleaning increases profitability of membrane installations!

Fouling, a critical issue in performance

One of the most critical issues affecting the performance of membrane processing systems is membrane fouling. It is the result of the accumulation of substances (organic, inorganic, or a combination of both) on the membrane surface and/or within the membrane pores, which leads to deterioration of membrane performance. The specific membrane cleaner required depends on the type of fouling that the membrane has been exposed to. But it is a real challenge to determine the types of fouling and the corresponding types of cleaning products to use.

Membrane fouling is a serious problem in all pressure-driven membrane separation processes that reduces water flux and production performance, as well as membrane life cycle.

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM (POP): A complete, unique, high performance program!

  • Increased production rate
  • Extend the lifetime of membranes
  • Specific to each industry

How can the productivity of the installation be increased? A 2-phase program:

1. The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT (patented technology) provides a precise diagnosis of the membrane installation. A simple and unique system evaluating the organic or inorganic fouling
or the presence of biofilm

  • Identify the nature of residues which may reduce the efficacy of equipment
  • Determine the cleaning process to be applied

2. Recommendations according to the diagnostic and suited to the complexity of the installation:

ENZY+ classic: all-in-one enzymatic solutions that are high performance, simple to use and cost-effective, suitable for a less problematic installation in terms of fouling.

ENZY+ Silver: all-in-one solutions of multiple enzymes, developed for more complex installations, with a higher risk of fouling (feed stream more likely to cause fouling and high volumetric concentration factor (VCF)).

ENZY+ Gold: concentrated solutions of multiple enzymes for very complex installations which have very frequent losses in yield (feed stream causes high fouling and very high VCF).

Detection and Treatment of Biofilm Contaminations

The 2 phases of the PERFORM+ range also incorporate biofilm detection and treatment:

1.Biofilm detection

The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT evaluates the presence of a biofilm in the installation. It demonstrates, locates and quantifies contamination:

  • Measurement of concentrations in ATP
  • Detection of the presence of bacteria that can form a biofilm (SLYM BART™)
  • Interpretation of bacteriological results

2.Biofilm treatment

To achieve optimum hygiene level of installations, Realco recommends a range of products providing curative and preventive treatments of biofilms. The enzyme-based detergent will optimally clean and prepare the surfaces for application of a disinfectant/sanitizer (biocide). The bacteria/micro-organisms will then be killed during the disinfection stage of the biofilm treatment process. As a result, the combination of our cleaning solution with an EPA-registered sanitizer will fully remove a biofilm contamination.

Perform+: +30% productivity

Comparison of production flow rates and pressures in filtration units: traditional cleaning vs. PERFORM+

A) Productivity results after TRADITIONAL cleaning

The membranes start to clog rapidly, causing a drop in the production rate. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the pressure to maintain a certain level of productivity.
The production level had dropped by almost 25% compared to the initial production rate.

B) Productivity results after cleaning with PERFOM+

Thanks to PERFORM+, the initial production rates are maintained without increasing pressure. The production flow rate is more constant, which increases productivity by 30%!

Productivity graph filtration