• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Our markets

Realco’s enzymatic expertise serves four markets, all with a common need to reach high standards of hygiene in a ‘healthy’ way, i.e. with respect for humans and their environment.

Food industry

Yoghurt production plants, meal preparation companies, abattoirs, etc. can all benefit from Realco’s guarantee to the food industry:

  • Reduced risk of food poisoning
  • Increased compliance rate for finished products
  • Extended use-by date for finished products.
  • Better management of waste water.
  • Contribution to sustainable development.

Out-of-home catering

Thanks to its enzymatic hygiene solutions, Realco ensures the quality of means in restaurants and institutions, and guarantees:

  • Reduced risk of food poisoning
  • Reduced cleaning time thanks to more efficient products
  • Less absenteeism because employees are using less aggressive products (neutral pH)
  • Better management of waste water.
  • Contribution to sustainable development.


The detergent quality of Realco’s enzymatic solutions makes disinfection more efficacious. The advantage of this technology in the hospital sector is obvious: to reach unprecedented standards of hygiene. By improving the cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments and operating rooms, Realco guarantees that the risk of hospital-acquired infections is reduced. Other applications are still under development.

Hygiene at home

The current home hygiene trend is towards disinfection. But is that really the best solution? Frequent use of certain disinfectant agents can promote bacterial resistance. This means that the more you disinfect, the more the bacteria develop a resistance to the disinfectants (the same way that this happens with antibiotics). Regular and effective cleaning limits the need for disinfection. The use of Realco cleaning products ensures optimum hygiene throughout the home.