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A fire affected our production & storage facilities

You might have heard or read that we have been the victim of a severe fire on Friday 10 January 2020 affecting our production and storage facilities.

As the fire started at 4.30 AM, there was nobody in the buildings so luckily, there is no-one hurt.Unfortunately, the stock is lost, and the production tool has to be totally rebuilt.

On the positive side, the administration offices and R&D laboratory are safe. Moreover, there is a huge surge of solidarity from companies close by in the sector, offering not only storage but production alternatives as well. This should ensure the continuity of our production and services in the nearest term.

This is an obstacle but we will definitely get through it and get back on our feet even stronger !

We wish to thank you for all your support and messages !


The Realco Team


For more details, see the press release here.