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yeast levureWhat are enzymes ?

An enzyme is a protein, a chain of amino acids produced by a living organism. Enzymes are present in our body and play a vital role in our life cycle (digestive system).

Is it alive ?

No ! An enzyme is not living. It is manufactured by a living organism, but it does not live, it does not eat and it does not die. You can compare an enzyme to hair or nails.

Where does it come from ?

The enzymes used in Realco solutions come from bacteria, yeasts or fungi. Obtained by fermentation, they are 100% renewable and biodegradable.

How does it work ?

enzymes process

An enzyme works like a pair of scissors that cuts organic molecules into water-soluble microparticles. It can cut up to 3 million molecules per second and can work synergistically with other cleaning agents.

What is enzymatic activity?

The activity of enzymes depends on the environment in which they are found.

  • Too cold or too acidic, the activity is low.
  • Too hot or in an extreme pH, the enzyme deforms and becomes inactive.
  • After a number of cut molecules, it is too worn out and also becomes inactive.

Lipase, protease, amylase, … ?

There are as many kinds of enzymes as there are organic molecules. Realco rigorously selects the most efficient enzymes to effectively remove stains present in cooking: fat, protein, starch, etc.

Why are enzyme solutions more effective than traditional chemistry?

For all organic stains, the enzyme is much more effective than petrochemical solutions. Enzymatic detergent irreversibly transforms organic stains into water-soluble residues. This advantage makes the enzyme an ultra-powerful cleaning agent !
chemicals enzymatics comparative

Advantages of enzyme-based products

  • Better hygiene: In-depth cleaning allows a targeted and controlled disinfection
  • Safe for users = Neutral pH, non-irritant
  • Extending the working life of equipment and installations = Non-aggressive for the equipment and facilities
  • Cost savings = Time saving
  • Positive impact on waste water (pre-purification)
  • Sustainability = Renewable raw materials (biodegradation > 98%), positive impact on the environment