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The sale of the pool and spa business gives Realco the means to accelerate its growth

With the Splash and Zen brands sold, Realco wants to seize this opportunity to refocus on its core business and strengthen its presence beyond its borders via an acquisition.

On Thursday 14 October 2021, Realco, specialised in enzymatic hygiene solutions, finalised the transaction to sell its Splash and Zen brands to the Spanish company Manufacturas Gre SAU, a subsidiary of the international Fluidra group. The result of this sale, consisting of an initial payment of 3,5 million euros at closing and an estimated variable of 1,5 million to be received on sales in 2022, 2023 and 2024, provides Realco the opportunity to grow through acquisition.

We are delighted to announce this closing which marks a decisive turning point for Realco. This decision is the result of a long reflection on our strategic challenges and our desire to refocus on green chemistry and to grow in growth sectors. We also intend to continue our collaboration with Fluidra on innovation projects based on enzyme technology,” explains George Blackman, CEO of Realco.

To support its acquisition plans, the company has mandated the M&A advisory firm E-Spring Capital. Realco is looking to expand by acquiring a company in a neighbouring country, active in B2B and more specifically in industrial hygiene in the food sector. The company has already met several interesting targets in terms of market and product synergy and complementarity.

An acquisition is becoming an essential element in Realco’s growth strategy,” explains Frédéric Tiberghien, administrator of Realco. “In the context of the consolidation that the hygiene world is undergoing today, Realco must position itself, as this will represent a very important engine for renewal and expansion.”

The recovery of economic activity is clearly felt in certain B2B sectors that were affected during the health crisis. Indeed, the Professional Kitchens division is back on track with the reopening of restaurants and the Food Industry division has seen record sales in the last quarter. On the B2C side, the flagship brand eezym continues its ambitious growth.

Realco will also continue to leverage its internal innovation capacity to ensure organic growth. The innovation pipeline currently includes 9 promising projects – new sources of revenue in the medium term.


Realco sells its Pool & Spa activities to Spanish leader Fluidra

Regulated Information – Confidential Information
Press release            25 March 2021, 8h30

With the sale of the Splash and Zen brands, Realco is refocusing on its core business. Its objective is to accelerate the development and growth of enzyme-based hygiene solutions that are more effective and environmentally friendly.

This Wednesday, March 24, 2021, Realco signed an agreement to sell the assets of its Splash and Zen brands to the Spanish company Manufacturas Gre SAU, a subsidiary indirectly owned by the Fluidra Group. The transaction is expected to conclude in September 2021, allowing the seller and buyer companies to prepare for the transition. The transaction price consists of a fixed price of 3.5 million euros and a variable price, equivalent to 10% of the turnover, to be achieved in 2022, 2023 and 2024 on these brands.

“This deal is the result of a long-standing strategic reflection”, explains George Blackman, CEO of Realco. “With a turnover of almost 5 million euros in 2020, the Splash and Zen product ranges are market leaders in pool and spa maintenance in the Belgian retail sector, but they are more in the realm of classic chemistry. However, since I assumed my role in 2017, our teams have been constantly consolidating their activities around products and services with high added value for businesses and individuals, and which are also environmentally friendly. “

This deal will not put an end to the long partnership between Realco and Fluidra. On the contrary, the collaboration will be strengthened through various mechanisms. The door remains open for the joint development of products of natural origin or based on enzyme technology. In addition, Realco will continue to manufacture certain chemical products for Fluidra for the next 4 years and is committed to providing marketing and sales services to ensure a smooth transition of the Splash and Zen business. In terms of brand continuity, nothing changes for the distribution network and the end customers, who will even benefit from an expansion of the range.

The sale will enable the Walloon biotech to accelerate its international growth, particularly in one of its core markets: the fight against biofilms, which are one of the main sources of contamination for Realco’s customers. The transaction will also provide the company with the means to further invest in Eezym, its range of enzyme-based cleaning products for consumers.

Finally, the capital released also opens up avenues for future growth, both organically and through possible acquisitions.


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Realco wins court case against counterfeiter

Realco, pioneer of enzymatic hygiene solutions, enforces its different patents around biofilms and wins lawsuit against counterfeiter!

The French-speaking commercial tribunal in Brussels has just ruled in favour of the Brabant biotech company in its case against an international competitor who was counterfeiting its green chemistry products.
This verdict is important in the defence of the intellectual property of the world leader in enzyme-based hygiene, which is thus strengthened.

Louvain-la-Neuve, on 08 January 2021. Over the last 30 years, Realco has been constantly innovating and developing ever more efficient hygiene solutions for the food industry, catering, healthcare and private households. One of the greatest innovations of its scientists was undoubtedly its range of specific enzyme-based products that have the immense advantage of destroying the protective layer of biofilms to make the bacteria accessible for in-depth disinfection, greatly reducing the risk of contamination.

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Realco extends the expiration date of food products !

The so-called use-by date (UBD) has far-reaching implications if we consider that, in Europe, some 88 million tons of food end up in the bin each year at a cost of 143 billion euro.From an ethical, environmental and socio-economic point of view this phenomenon is nothing short of alarming because it has a direct impact on producers, processors, distributors, shops and, of course, on consumers.

But here’s the good news: henceforth it will be possible to extend this UBD by up to 100 %!

This is the revolutionary finding the Louvain-la-Neuve leader in enzyme-based hygiene solutions has just published at an international level. After 2 years of research, conducted in collaboration with reputable industrialists and financed by the Walloon Region, prestigious partners such as the University of Liège (ULiège) and Genalyse Partner back up these scientific findings.

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Realco: update following the fire of Friday, 10 January 2020

While the fire that ravaged the company’s warehouses last Friday was barely under control, the entire workforce of the world leader in enzyme-based hygiene solutions was moving heaven and earth to ensure the continuity of its activities.

With an insurance file that looks positive, numerous alternatives that are being looked at to relaunch production in the very short term, a sound financial health after a record year, exceptional support from the Walloon Region (Regional Investment Company of Wallonia – SRIW) to secure liquidity and, last but not least, nerves of steel, everything is in place not just to keep business going, but more importantly, to use adversity as a lever for an even rosier future!

“Several fellow companies based in the South and the North of the country and also further afield immediately came up trumps to offer us access to their infrastructure. Various very concrete options are currently being examined and some of the facilities were already visited this weekend. So far, a range of measures have been taken to relocate our production teams until we have found a sustainable solution and are able to come to a subcontracting arrangement with our colleagues”,explains George Blackman, CEO of Realco. “As our offices, servers, laboratories and R&D centre are still intact, our priority will obviously be to continue serving our customers and safeguard jobs because, now more than ever, we will need every single member of our team.”

Impact on the financial situation

In the immediate future and because the company always took meticulous care of its infrastructure, its processes and risk cover, Realco will be able to count on the support of its insurers and banks to ensure that their equipment will be up and running again before long. On the other hand, the company’s plant, its content and business interruption, are covered by insurance which will allow them to put all their energy into the continuity of services to customers. Realco can also bank on the unwavering support of its long-time shareholder, the Regional Investment Company of Wallonia, who promptly came to the company’s aid to provide working capital and access to industrial groups that can help with external processing. Thus, the impact on the financial results will be limited.

Thanks to the positive and tight-knit community spirit of our team we will, as of today, be able to start laying the foundations of a company that will be even more successful in the future”, concludes Gordon Blackman, Chairman of the Board of Directors ofRealco.

The building forms part of a glorious past, the ambition now is to rebuild it quickly, in a visionary and sustainable manner.
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Realco is a Belgian biotech, which pushes back the boundaries of traditional chemistry by developing, manufacturing and distributing enzyme-based hygiene solutions and processes. It has become the world leader in the field of enzymatic hygiene and decontamination, thereby opening the way to solutions that are increasingly effective, economic and ecological. Realco provides innovative solutions both to private individuals and the food industry, as well as collective and commercial catering through its ongoing investments in research and development. With more than 50 employees, the company is constantly increasing its turnover. Realco also has a sales office in the United States (Realzyme) to boost its sales across the Atlantic.



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