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Partnership between Realco and Daesung C&S: extension of their agreement for 5 more years!

 Belgian company Realco, the world leader in enzymatic hygiene and decontamination, and the South Korean company Daesung C&S, specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high-level cleaning solutions for Korean Food & Beverage companies, extend their existing exclusive distribution contract. Realco and Daesung C&S officially started working together in January 2017. The benefits of starting […]

3rd International Biofilm Summit is coming !

The 2019 International Biofilm Summit will be held in Parma Italy on October 23rd and 24th. We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with CIBUS TEC, one of the most innovative food technology exhibitions. We have decided to join our knowledge and skills in order to create THE meeting point in 2019 for all […]

Realco nominated for a Trends Gazelle 2019 award!

Realco is proud to be nominated for the Trends Gazelles 2019 awards as a fast growing company for Brabant-Wallon. For 18 years, Trends-Tendances and Trends select from 50 to 200 Trends Gazelles within each province. These growing companies are not only a source of energy for our economy but also a real inspiration for entrepreneurs. […]