• Die Beherrschung einer effektiven Reinigung in der Küche…bis zur Dekontamination

  • Die Hygienekontrolle Ihrer Anlagen durch das Erkennen und Entfernen von Biofilm Kontaminationen

Biofilm Summit

International biofilm summit

Because of the constant challenge and crucial importance of efficiently managing hygiene in the Food and Beverage industries, REALCO created in 2015 the International Biofilm Summit with the purpose of raising awareness on biofilms and sharing knowledge as well as solutions to ensure finished products of the best quality. For this reason, the IBS has experts, cleaning companies and industrials meet in order to present and discuss new challenges and solutions for the whole Food and Beverage sector.

After the success and exceptional satisfaction rate of the three first edition in Brussels, Lisbon and Parma, Realco has decided to organize a fourth edition in 2022 (more info to come).