The enzymatic revolution

July 2011

The enzyme revolution


"For over 40 years, our company has been pushing the boundaries of chemistry in its work in biotechnology,  
 particularly its research into enzyme technology. This research means that we regularly discover new 
 applications and treatments, which are more effective than detergents currently available on the market. 
 Enzyme technology is now used in many sectors, such as biomethanisation, paper refining, water treatment  
 facilities, and cleaning and processing of biofilms. This revolution has in part been led by our company's 
 human and financial investment." 

Gordon Blackman - CEO  of REALCO
Realco: internationally-recognised expertise 
As is widely known, Realco specialises in biotechnology. Its expertise and experience in enzyme technologies is increasingly being recognised worldwide. Using this technological expertise which it has accumulated over recent years, Realco can currently offer solutions in key areas such as biofilm processing, paper refining and cleaning of membrane filters.
Our R&D Director will be heading a session on new applications of enzyme technology on 18-20 October at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology. EFIB is one of the largest European biotechnology events.    

Product Focus

Enzymousse: key product for the food industry
Enzymousse is a foaming enzyme-based detergent which is used for cleaning floors, vertical surfaces and places that are hard to reach. This product is the result of cutting-edge technology and provides impeccable cleanliness. Using enzymes, the breakdown of organic molecules is accelerated. This process ensures high-performance cleaning and optimal hygiene in the areas that are to be cleaned.
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Success stories

An Italian brewery: Birrificio Artigianale Scaligero (Verona)

This firm was looking for the best solution that would provide a very high level of hygiene and guarantee the safety of its production line, so that it could remain competitive and increase its capacity for producing traditionally-made beer. The brewery was also looking for a solution that was less polluting and less dangerous than the usual caustic soda-based solutions. In recent months, the brewery has been using Realco's enzyme-based solution to clean its tanks. Enzybras, an enzyme-based powder formulation, is used for daily cleaning.

Impressive results:

The results are impressive. Optimal hygiene has been achieved. What is more, the brewery's production has increased from 1,200 litres to 3,500 litres per month. Use of enzyme-based products at a lower temperature has reduced energy bills considerably.


Energy bills reduced by nearly 50%.
Enzyme-based technology in the paper industry

Realco has recently signed a contract with Clairefontaine.

A recurring problem:

The paper-making industry uses a considerable amount of energy, with large associated costs. One of the greatest energy requirements is in paper refining.
Realco, along with its partner Celodev, have used enzyme-based technologies to halve the company's energy bills.

The enzyme process

An enzyme-based system acts directly on the paper pulp. It breaks down and decomposes the plant and wood fibres.
This new process reduces the need for mechanical refining.


Realco and its partner Celodev have applied for a patent for enzyme-based processing of paper pulp and also for inhibition of the enzyme reaction (which means that the enzyme process can be stopped).

News from Belgium

Realco has launched a YouTube TV channel

We have set up a Realco YouTube TV channel.

The following link will take you to our videos, which showcase:
- our new products
- our videos, with simple guides showing how to use our products effectively
- the company
- the power of enzyme technology
- success stories by users or our products

These videos are all available in three languages: French, Dutch and English.


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